Rattlesnake Mountain Steel Shooters

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International Steel Shooting is essentially speed steel shooting, with most courses of fire consisting of 5 hits on a varying number of targets in any order except for a specified stop plate to be hit last.  Your score for each run is the time it takes to get 5 hits, and your score for each stage is the total of your best 4 out of 5 runs.

You may compete using pretty much any rimfire (.22LR) or centerfire handgun, rifle /carbine chambered for rimfire(.22LR) or pistol cartridges.  Centerfire handguns are generally drawn and fired from the holster, with rimfire and carbines/rifles fired from a “low ready” position (loaded, ready to go, aimed at a specified aiming point).  At this club we also recognize a centerfire low ready division for those that would prefer to not draw from the holster for each run.

Divisions are also split according to use of iron or optical sights.

Our matches generally consist of 6 courses of fire, requiring a minimum of 150 hits.  Since you can fire as many shots as it takes to get your required hits, most of us want to have a lot more than 150…

We shoot on the 1st Sunday of each month, all year, but please check the calendar at www.tcsa.info just in case there is a change.  Sign-in starts at 9:00 AM on match day, with the  mandatory shooter’s meeting at 9:15 AM.  If you miss the shooter’s meeting, then you will miss shooting the match.

Results of each match are posted on Practiscore.com and can be found easily by searching the results page on the word “rattlesnake”.

Fees, including sales tax, are $10 for TCSA members, $15 for non-TCSA members, $5 for the second gun (yes, you can shoot in more than one division in a single match), and juniors shoot free.

Although we can provide ear plugs if needed, we cannot always come up with eye protection of a suitable size or style for everyone, so it is best to bring your own.

Additional information on ISSA shooting can be found at the International Steel Shooting Association, http://www.internationalsteelshoot.com/.

For additional information regarding shooting at Rattlesnake Mountain Steel Shooters, please feel free to contact Mike Ensminger (mensminger250@gmail.com /509-521-9628).