The Rattlesnake Gulch Rangers are the Cowboy Action Shooting discipline of the Tri-City Shooting Association (TCSA).  We are affiliated with the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) and matches are conducted per SASS rules.

To compete you’ll need 2 single action revolvers, a pistol caliber lever or slide action rifle, and a side by side (no ejectors), lever action, or 1897 Winchester shotgun.

All ammunition must use lead bullets/lead birdshot, and fall within SASS guidelines.

We shoot our monthly match on the Fourth Saturday of each month, weather permitting, with the exception of April (which is our annual match) and November (no match Thanksgiving weekend).

Check the calendar at www.tcsa.info to confirm before you make the drive out.

Typical monthly matches consist of ~6 stages, requiring minimum 60 rifle, 60 pistol, and a box or so of shotshells.

Sign up is at 9:00 AM and the mandatory safety briefing is at 9:15 AM.   Matches are open to the public.  The monthly match fee is $10 per person, including sales tax.

Additional information on Cowboy Action Shooting can be found at www.sassnet.com.


Theme:  Legendary Lawmen

The festivities will start on Thursday, April 21, with long range all day and a 4 stage speed steel event in the morning.  You can do this with your cowboy rifle or pistol(s), any .22LR rifle/pistol, or any centerfire pistol or pistol caliber carbine, the only restriction being no magnums (jacketed bullets are OK in this event).  Each stage will require 5 strings of 5 hits each, the best 4 counting for score.  We’ll allow up to 2 entries per shooter.   Thursday afternoon, there will be a 4 stage warmup shoot.  We will allow folks to use their cowboy guns in .22 caliber for this event.

Friday will bring the first 4 (of 12) main match stages in the morning, lunch, then 4 stages of Wild Bunch in the afternoon.  Long range continues Friday afternoon.  Marcus also plans a long range night shoot.

Saturday starts with 4 more main match stages, lunch, then a 4 stage plainsman side match.

Saturday, starting at 5 PM there will be a catered dinner at our shotgun range.

Sunday will be the last 4 main match stages, lunch, and awards. There also will possibly be a shootoff depending on interest.  We are taking a vote from those who are attending.  The question appears on your application. We hope to let you get on the road early.

Costume judging will be performed by our secret agents during the match and Saturday night.

As usual, dry camping at the range is free.  Finally, our new gate has been installed at the pistol bays at our range It is on the South end of our range and is much more accommodating for your RV as the driveway it a bit longer and the gate opens inward.  Please forward our entry to anyone you think might be interested in coming.

For Application for Rattlesnake Gulch Roundup click 2022 Match Entry Form

Main Match 120 Rifle, 120 Pistol and 60 Shotgun minimum
Warm Up 40 Rifle, 40 Pistol and 25 Shotgun
Wild Bunch 40 Rifle, 120 Pistol, 36 Shotgun
Plainsman 25 Rifle, 40 Pistol, 20 Shotgun
Speed Steel 100+ rounds

For questions or additional information contact:

Mike Ensminger (Crisco) 509-521-9628 mensminger250@gmail.com

Roberta Ensminger (Ricochet Robbie) 509-628-0889  ricochetrobbie@gmail.com


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